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Business Law Attorney in Denver, Colorado

The Brake Law Firm offers legal assistance for businesses in Denver and surrounding areas, whether you’re a small family business or a large corporation. As a business litigation attorney in Denver, CO, Andrew Brake has helped companies throughout Colorado in these various aspects of business law:

  • Corporate Law Representation

  • Commercial Law Representation

  • Commercial Real Estate Litigation

  • Business Purchase and Sale Litigation

It can be hard enough just running the day-to-day operations of your business. Let our law firm serving Metropolitan Denver take care of your legal needs.

If you have any business litigation questions, contact us today and schedule a consultation with an experienced business litigation attorney. No matter where your business is located, you can be sure Andrew T. Brake, P.C. is there for you.

Legal Advice for You & Your Business

Why You Need Corporate Law Representation

While the need to partner with knowledgeable legal counsel may not be apparent early in your business venture, the importance of hiring a practiced business attorney can’t go understated. With a seasoned attorney in your corner, you get the assistance you need in almost every aspect of your business, from necessary code and zoning compliances and trademark advice to employment-related lawsuits and more. Whether you’re a local family-owned business or a sizable corporation, you can count on our legal team for zealous corporate law representation in Denver, CO.

Numerous issues can arise during business proceedings. The knowledgeable legal team at Andrew T. Brake, P.C. can provide you and your associates with extensive help in several areas including:

  • Creating a Long-Term Business Strategy

  • Drafting Organizational Documents and Other Important Agreements

  • Establishing Employment Policies

  • Filing and Registering With Designated Government Agencies

  • Handling Real Estate Needs, including Land Use, Zoning or New Facility Construction

  • Negotiating Contracts with Employees and Vendors

  • Providing Counsel and Representation Regarding Tax Strategies

Seek commercial law representation from our reputable business litigation attorney to keep your business in good standing and avoid potential conflicts early.

Guiding You Through Various Legal Issues

Business owners need skilled legal partners to help their operations grow and to avoid legal complications that can hold them back. When you turn to our team for corporate law representation, we’ll work tirelessly to help you move forward and reduce your risk of future disputes from occurring. Rest assured that whatever the nature of your concern, you’ll always receive prompt, personally tailored advice and assistance.

Contact our firm to speak to our experienced business attorneys about your legal challenges. Based in Denver, Colorado, we proudly serve clients statewide.