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Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury Attorney in Denver, Colorado

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Andrew T. Brake

Attorney at Law

Over the course of his career, Attorney Andrew T. Brake has learned that practicing law is a balancing act. In order to be the strongest advocate for his clients, they also need to advocate for themselves. That's why Andrew encourages you to voice your needs as he collaborates with you on your case. By actively involving you throughout the process, Andrew aims to help you feel confident speaking up for what you rightfully deserve. Put a dedicated legal partner on your side in Denver, Colorado. Attorney Brake proudly represents clients throughout the area, including residents of Aurora, Littleton, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.


Skilled Legal Counsel

From Start to Finish

Proactive in the Office

Attorney Brake is not one to wait around until deadlines start approaching. He'll get right to work on your case because he knows that your health and your future may be on the line.

Tell Attorney Brake if a car accident or an act of medical negligence left you injured. He's ready to help you form a case geared toward the fair and full compensation you deserve.

Persistent in the Courtroom

When an out-of-court settlement isn't possible, and your case is forced to stand trial, you will need a fierce defender in your corner. Luckily, Attorney Brake thrives in the courtroom.

Having represented clients since 1983, Attorney Brake has learned how to skillfully navigate the trial process. Now, he's prepared to put his vigorous litigation skills to work for you.

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A Client-First Approach to Every Case

Any legal issue involving your health and well-being is incredibly personal. Incidents such as severe injuries and medical malpractice can cause not only physical devastation, but also financial and emotional stress. If you need to seek compensation for someone else's negligence, it's crucial that you hire an attorney who will prioritize your needs above all else.

When you hire the services of Andrew T. Brake, P.C., you will be involved at every step of the legal process. Attorney Brake understands that you've entrusted him with your future, and he does not take that responsibility lightly. He will give you the final say in the decisions made throughout your case and fight to ensure those who wronged you are held accountable.

As a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney, Andrew Brake has found that success is often won through a collaborative effort. He focuses his practice around working with his clients, rather than simply for them. Discover how he can be the dedicated legal partner you need after a car crash, trucking accident, or surgical error.

Your health, your finances, and your future are too important to leave to chance. Contact the knowledgeable lawyer at Andrew T. Brake, P.C. in Denver to start your pursuit of compensation. Attorney Brake proudly serves clients who have been injured in Aurora, Littleton, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, Colorado. Request a free consultation with him today.