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Do I Have a Case?

The point of a lawsuit is to seek financial compensation from that party – be it restitution for medical expenses, damages, lost wages or even compensation for emotional and/or physical suffering and trauma.

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4 Things You Should do Before Consulting with Andrew T. Brake, P.C.

Break Law offers a number of services to our clients: we have experience with personal injury law, medical malpractice, business law, defective products, wrongful death, insurance claims, auto accidents, and more. We are capable of representation in most legal cases. When facing a legal dilemma it is always a wise idea to contact a lawyer, but we encourage you to do four key things before consulting with Brake Law.

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The Importance of Statute of Limitations

Statute of limitations are intended to protect people from false claims, and poor record keeping. When most statute of limitation laws were first established, victims could create a legal case decades after the initial accident. This was problematic, because files were often destroyed and witnesses hard to find.

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Been in an Auto Accident? Take These Steps

Whether it’s a collision, theft, vandalism, or Mother Nature (i.e. hail damage), it’s important to stay calm and treat the safety of yourself and others as first priority. If anyone involved is hurt or in need of assistance, make sure to call for emergency medical services if needed.

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What to Know After Being Injured in a Biking Accident

Cycling accidents with cars are scary — cyclists are inevitably more likely to be harmed in a car accident compared to the driver. Luckily, most bicycle accidents are mild and do not require legal attention, but if you are in a car accident it is important to stay calm and ensure you are physically and legally protected.

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