Severe Injury

Personal Injury Lawyers in Denver, CO

Personal Injury Law Firm in Denver, CO

Severe injuries are personal injuries consisting of any blunt or piercing trauma to the body. The most common types of cases our personal injury law firm in Denver, CO, handles are the following:

• Spinal Cord Injury
• Brain Injury
• Severe Burn Injury
• Neck Injury
• Unclear symptoms

Severe injury to the brain, spinal cord and neck sometimes take a while to show symptoms. And the symptoms can be rather vague, such as blurred vision, headaches, tingling in the extremities, forgetfulness, and personality changes.

While these conditions are real, some doctors do not take them seriously. A doctor working for your insurance company might be especially prone to dismiss such vague symptoms; and as a result, they tend to overlook non-obvious injuries such as neck and spinal problems. This is when Andrew Brake, a severe injury lawyer, can advise you of the next steps for receiving proper compensation.

If you feel that your insurance company wants to settle the claim quickly and cheaply because they don’t want to pay large medical bills, it is at this point that you’ll want to consider a personal injury law firm to review your situation so that your legal rights are covered.

With an experienced personal injury law firm, your chances of receiving a fair settlement increase dramatically. Andrew Brake understands the medical nature of severe injury claims. Andrew Brake will locate doctors who can act as expert witnesses on your behalf.

Case Evaluation for a Negligence Claim in Denver, CO

Case Evaluation for a Negligence Claim

To have a valid legal claim, your severe injury must have been caused by someone else’s negligence. A drunk driver, manufacturer defects, and irresponsible pet ownership are clear examples of negligence. Other forms are:

At the Brake Law Firm, Andrew Brake will investigate all the circumstances surrounding the cause of your personal injury. If anyone has been negligent, Andrew Brake will help you to obtain fair compensation.

Please contact us today for a case evaluation for a negligence claim – no matter where you are. If you’ve suffered a severe injury — even if you have only vague symptoms, and even if you are unsure whether another party may be at fault – our law firm serving metropolitan Denver, CO, is ready to help you!