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At the Brake Law Firm, medical malpractice is an area where Andrew Brake have a great deal of experience. Andrew Brake have helped people file malpractice claims. We are able to locate top-notch medical professionals, and we understand the technical nature of such claims.

What is medical malpractice?
Medical malpractice claims involve any errors that occur in a medical setting, specifically, any errors that result in patient injury. These include:

Mistreatment of a diagnosed condition
Lack of “Informed consent”. Informed consent is consent given by the patient before having a procedure, and after the medical professional has revealed potential negative side effects of that procedure.

Medical malpractice is a medical professional’s failure to act as a reasonable and prudent medical professional would under similar circumstances. If that failure results in injury to a patient, that patient, or their surviving family, may file a medical malpractice claim.

Simple error on the part of the medical professional is usually not enough to win your claim. Certain conditions must be met:

The injured party must establish that the medical professional failed to act in accordance with the established standards of medical practice i.e., the medical professional acted in a “negligent” manner.

This negligence is what caused the injury or suffering. This is called proximate cause.

The damage caused by the medical malpractice must be shown.

If these conditions are met, and the injury is significant, you should seriously consider pursuing a fair settlement.

Who may be liable
Generally claims are filed against:

• Physicians
• Surgeons
• Nurses
• Pharmacists
• Technicians
• Hospitals

Usually, a settlement will cover pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, future medical care and treatment, future life care expenses where appropriate, and court costs.

If you’ve undergone a medical procedure in Aurora, Denver, Boulder, or anywhere else in Colorado, and you believe you’ve suffered serious injury as the result of the negligence of a medical professional, call Andrew Brake. We’ve handled malpractice claims since 1983, and we can help! Contact us today! No Recovery, No Fee