Employment Related Law

Employment Related Law | Law Firm
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Employment Related Law

Law Firm
in Denver Metropolitan Area

Employment law is any type of law related to your work, including issues related to pre- and post- employment situations. It is a wide and complicated area of law, and the employment law firm at Brake Law Firm have held a longstanding positive reputation in dealing with it.

Here are some of the common categories of employment law where Andrew Brake can help:

• Employment Discrimination
• Pregnancy Discrimination
• Sexual Harassment Issues
• Wrongful Termination
• Separation Agreements
• Wage Issues
• Fair Labor Standards Act
• Whistle Blower Claims
• Employment Retirement Income Security Act
• Retaliation

Employment law can involve numerous state and federal regulations, which means there’s a complicated web of bureaucracy. Why not have some help to navigate it?

If you’re being sexually harassed or are suffering other hardships at work, contact our employment lawyers. We have only your best interests in mind – not the interests of your company. Protecting your rights of the individual is our primary objective!

In employment-related lawsuits, you may receive damages for past lost wages, potential future lost wages, emotional distress, court costs, and other losses.

If you’ve experienced any sort of legal issue at or surrounding your place of employment, please contact us today. We’ve handled employment law-related cases throughout much of the State of Colorado. Our number one priority is protecting your rights.