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Defective Products Attorney in Denver, Colorado

Product liability law deals with injuries caused by defective products. “Product” is an umbrella term for such things as:

  • Food

  • Drugs

  • Appliances

  • Vehicles, including recreational vehicles

  • Medical devices

  • Tobacco

  • Toys

If you purchase a product, use it as it is meant to be used, and it injures you, you may be able to claim compensation for damages.

Any product that causes injury can potentially be found defective. Some of the most common defective products are:

  • Automobiles and automobile-related products

  • Foods that are purchased from grocery stores, fast food outlets, etc.

  • Medicines (both pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter)

  • Medical devices

  • Cosmetics

  • Baby and children items (strollers, cribs, toys, swings, bikes, etc.)

  • Product liability law includes large, class-action lawsuits and individual claims. If you’ve used a product and it has injured you, contact us at Andrew T. Brake, P.C. today. We’ve successfully handled product liability claims.

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Types of Defects

  • Design Defect

    • These are flaws in the item’s initial design.

  • Manufacturing Defect

    • Flaws occurred somewhere in the chain of manufacturing:

      • The designer of component parts

      • The manufacturer of component parts

      • Product assembly

  • Marketing Defects

    • These are flaws in the instructions accompanying a product, or failures on the part of the manufacturer to properly warn consumers about the inherent dangers of using the product.

  • Negligence not relevant

    • In a defective product claim, negligence doesn’t necessarily have to be proved. Relevant information includes whether the product was defective, and caused harm.

It doesn’t matter where, geographically, the product originated. If you were in Colorado when you were injured, your case can be handled here, in Colorado courts. If you’ve been injured anywhere in the state of Colorado, please contact our defective product lawyer today! We’ll help you obtain any compensation you may be entitled to.