In the Wake of Weinstein-Sexual Harassment Claims at Brake Law Firm

In the Wake of Weinstein-Sexual Harassment Claims at Brake Law Firm

Andrew T. Brake and associates offer a variety of employment law services in the Denver-Metro area. Employment law covers anything from wrongful termination to sexual harassment.

As experts in law, our firm respects the American legal system and due process to the highest degree. That said, we want to provide the highest quality legal services possible to anyone who walks through our doors.

The past month of headlines was filled with one recurring theme; from over 45 women stepping forward accusing hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment to the viral ‘#MeToo’ movement across popular social media platforms, awareness of inequality and sex-based discrimination in the workplace have come to the forefront of the public’s mind. In cases like these, our associates at Brake Law Firm have years of experience and expertise regarding workplace law and the many nuances that come with highly personal cases of harassment and even assault on the job.

Our firm’s professionals are ready and willing to sit down with you and discuss your case, regardless of where you come from in life and in work. Of course, it’s important to report any alleged harassment or assault to your supervisor or company’s human resources department right away. All employees have a set of rights when it comes to feeling safe at work, and we’ll help you make sure those rights are not violated. If you’re dealing with the frustration of corporate bureaucracy or feel as if any harassment or discrimination is going unnoticed, our law professionals are trained to examine the facts and step in to aid in your defense. To discuss your case, contact us for a quote or initial meeting right away.

Though women often a higher proportion of workplace harassment and discrimination, due to filing unique claims like pregnancy discrimination, victims and survivors of assault and discrimination are often men as well. Statistics show that cases like these are even more common among people of color as well. At Brake Law, our job is to represent the public in its entirety. Each case of harassment is an important one, and our professionals work to bring justice across the Denver Metro area. Whether you’re a silent victim or a workplace whistleblower, we’re here to listen to your story and gather the facts for presentation in a court of law.

Employment-related law cases are a subset of a variety of services offered by our associates at Brake Law Firm. To schedule an appointment, call our office to speak with a representative at 303-806-9000. It’s never too late to speak up, and our duty and mission to do all we can to help you succeed, without harassment or discrimination, in the work force.


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