Dangers of Climbing the Ladder – Common Workplace Lawsuits

Dangers of Climbing the Ladder – Common Workplace Lawsuits

Earlier this month, we as a nation celebrated Labor Day. It’s a day off for some and just another work day for others, so the importance of the holiday is often forgotten or misunderstood.

Labor Day is essentially a day to remember the so-called ‘working class’ and the rights of those workers. It recognizes the establishment of labor unions and workers rights, plus the strikes and demonstrations that took place to fight for and protect those rights.

And the fight continues today. Common workplace woes are discrimination, paid time off for personal injury or lack thereof, harassment and pay discrepancies often related to working overtime. If you’ve experienced any of these, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, thousands of people deal with problems like this every day, and many cases go unnoticed or unreported.

Of course, there are steps you should take before consulting with any legal professional about your case (which we’ve discussed previously in this blog) since each one is unique and has its own challenges. But, we at Brake Law Firm are dedicated to serving the public and a workforce that faces common injustices every day. Our mission is to put an end to those injustices and rectify them in the eyes of the law.

Our workplace lawyers have the experience and qualifications to help you navigate a complicated and often nuanced circumstances of continuing to work while filing a claim and fighting for your rights. No worker should be harassed, wrongfully terminated, or discriminated against due to a personal injury or pre-existing condition, and we believe strongly in the basis of what makes America a great place to live and work – fairness.

If you’re currently struggling with a work-related injury and have questions about what to do or what your resources are, call us today or take a look at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s FAQ page. It has quick answers to common questions and links to more information about how to file initial claims before having to take anyone to court. But in the event that justice should be served, Brake Law is ready and willing to help anyone that comes through our doors.

Discrimination and harassment cases are handled on a specific and individual level. Unfortunately, apart from precedents set by previous court decisions and Title IX protections, there is little to delineate what exactly makes a case and what does not. This is where Brake Law comes in. We can assist you by answering questions about what you’ve experienced, and if it’s a case that must see its day in court, we’re prepared to build the best defense possible for you.

Finally, it’s important to understand your rights as a Colorado resident and employee. Call us today with questions about your case or to book a consultation. We at Brake Law Firm are ready to serve you.



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