4 Ways to Prevent a Motor Vehicle Accident

4 Ways to Prevent a Motor Vehicle Accident

Many of us have not taken a formal driving test in years, or possible decades. But are you still as sharp when it comes to the rules of Colorado’s roads? At Brake Law Firm, it’s our duty and mission to represent those involved in auto accidents, but it’s important to keep your driving skills and vehicle up to speed to avoid road blocks on Denver’s streets, highways, and parking lots. Here are a few tips to keep the student driver in all of us fresh and alert for the dangers of the road:

Maintenance can prevent accidents

When your car is not properly maintained, a number of issues can happen that drain your wallet and your spare time. But in some cases, malfunctions that happen as a product of procrastination can cause serious injury or even death for you, family members, or friends riding along. Scheduling or performing regular maintenance on your vehicle can easily avoid electrical malfunctions, blown tires, failure to signal other drivers, or sudden vehicle stalling out on on the roads. Consider maintenance an important part of your distracted driving habits.

Avoid Tailgating

Tailgating other drivers can be tempting in high-speed stretches of road or heavy traffic, but it’s important to use the 3-second rule when driving on Colorado’s roads. That means there should be at least three seconds of so-called ‘padding’ between your car and the one in front of you in case of sudden stops or slow-downs occur. In traffic, that padding should match the speed limit of the area you’re in. So, if you’re moving at 60 mph on a road, you should leave at least the distance your car would cover in three seconds at that speed between yourself and the driver ahead. The same goes for 25 mph zones as well, on the low side.

Drive Defensively

No one is a truly perfect driver all the time, and driving defensively can help drivers stay alert and avoid accidents they would have otherwise been victims of. Aspects of defensive driving include pulling into traffic slowly, watching for kids, animals, and other pedestrians in the road in neighborhoods and on main roads, physically looking back before driving in reverse, checking your blind spot before merging into traffic, and keeping at least one hand securely on the steering wheel at all times.

Phones (and Food) Away

All drivers are constantly tempted by distractions when operating their vehicles; from cell phones and radio tuners to friends and drive-thru food pickup, taking your hands off the wheel can be easy to do. At Brake Law Firm, we suggest answering phone calls, text messages and getting the music going before you put the car in drive. Then, just leave the technology in the back seat. Anyone trying to reach you while driving will be happier knowing you’re driving safely out on the roads.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Brake Law Firm about an auto accident you were involved in, please do not hesitate to give our office a call today. We’re happy to speak with you about your options and potential representation in the future.


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