The Importance of Statute of Limitations

The Importance of Statute of Limitations


After an accident there are many actions to take. Depending on your health, your first line of action may be to see your doctor. Perhaps, your car is totaled and your focus is on finding transportation. Regardless of where your priorities lie, it’s common for people to contact a lawyer later rather than sooner. Unfortunately, this can be problematic because of statute of limitations. Consequently, this blog will aim to explain the importance of limitations.


Statute of limitations are intended to protect people from false claims, and poor record keeping. When most statute of limitation laws were first established, victims could create a legal case decades after the initial accident. This was problematic, because files were often destroyed and witnesses hard to find. Statute of limitations intended to provide justice quickly, and within a reasonable time frame from which the accident occurred.

Statue of limitation laws are intended to make personal injury cases faster and more efficient, but it’s easy for some cases to fall through the cracks. The best way to ensure your case is addressed is through early engagement.

Early Engagement

As mentioned, contacting a lawyer is likely not the first thing on your mind after an accident. While you should absolutely address your medical needs before seeking counsel, early legal engagement is the best way to ensure your case is addressed within the statute of limitations, Simply filing your case  with an attorney will help keep your case relevant, and open.


In certain cases, the statute of limitations are flexible. Children and disabled people normally do not fall within statute of limitations. Further, if injuries or health complications arise much later you still may have a case. Even if you believe your personal injury case is no longer relevant or within the statute of limitations, it’s smart to work with a lawyer. Find out what your options are with Brake Law.

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